Jaiden who is 6 and I (mummy) visited our 1st session today at Gympanzees, it’s was absolutely brilliant and Jaiden loved it, his favourite rooms where soft play and outdoor play, but all the rooms were great. It was so lovely to visit here it was very relaxed for both of us and everyone was very understanding of all the children’s needs, we can’t wait to visit next week with Jaiden’s brother Max who is 4 so they can enjoy playing together here. I would fully recommend here as there is nowhere else like it!

Nicola Boyle

Facebook – July 2018

Brilliant session! Both my my children were able to play. And play with each other. Staff are great. Positive! And everything is possible! Xx

Charlotte Deegan

Facebook – August 2018

Today my 6yr old son and I attended the first Pop-up Gympanzee Activity Centre session.

In my mind I knew what to expect, I’d watched all the videos and followed all the updates but I still wasn’t prepared……

  • for the amazing feeling I came away with,
  • the actual amount of fun my son and I experienced,
  • the number of smiles,
  • the ability to talk to other adults whilst my son played,
  • in a relaxed play environment during a ‘holiday’ period,
  • the way each and every staff member went above and beyond to make me and my son feel welcomed and at ease,
  • the obvious care and desire all staff showed to ensuring our every need and whim was met,
  • my eagerness to return for another visit.

Holiday periods for us often mean isolation.

We can’t go where we’d like to as every other family is there making it too visually busy, too physically crowded, too loud, and in turn what should be a fun experience a stressful and overloading one….. home is our safe space and can end up feeling like a trap for us both.

Today was different. We are looking forward to return visits over the next few weeks and hope a permanent Centre (many in fact…. our travel here was 45mins) can be set up in the not too distant future and that until then our holiday periods can include further visits to a Pop-up Gympanzee Activity Centre.

Dawn Hicks

Facebook – July 2018

We absolutely loved the pop up gym, Genius Idea wish it was available all the time!. Dd managed a full 50 min tutor session afterwards …. that’s the power of sensory integration- usually 15 min max!

Tara Northen

Facebook – August 2018

This was our 1st visit with our 2 boys and it was fantastic, both boys had great fun, there is so much for them to do. We will be coming back every week – I hope this can become permanent as it is very much needed as it is the only place to cater for a full range of disabilities and the people are lovely.

Rob Hole

Facebook – August 2018

Spent a morning at this pop up and was very good, staff/ volunteers were supportive and friendly. Lots to variety, my able bodied son liked the trampolines, skate boarding and parkour (soft play challenge he made with some other children) whilst my daughter said she enjoyed it all and said it good to have variety of things to do. I loved the gym equipment for children. Well done to everyone involved, we will be back.

Kate Avery

Facebook – August 2018

I have visited twice now with another 2 sessions booked, amazing facilities for children with additional needs in particular. Definitely recommend.

Abbie Britton

Facebook – August 2018

Brilliant. We travelled from Exeter and it was well worth it. Looking forward to our next session already. Thank you.

Michaela Wood

Facebook – August 2018

What a fantastic place! I brought a child I care for to his 3rd visit at Gympanzees today and we had such a lovely time. Can’t wait to come again. X

S. Jewitt

Facebook – August 2018

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