Our long-term goal is to build and launch Bristol’s first dedicated activity centre for disabled children, but we don’t want to wait to start making a difference. We want to do something now. To this end we will be running with a pop up activity centre this summer. It will run for 4 weeks, and will be open to children with all disabilities. If you want to donate, we’d really appreciate it. 

Campaign Update

We have reached our crowdfunding target of £43,000 in just 3 weeks (so a grand total of £60K)! This means the Pop Up is definitely happening!

We are all absolutely thrilled and stunned by the support, not only for the Crowdfunding, but also for the Pop Up itself, with amazing feedback and sessions booking fast. 

We have therefore decided to run 2 more Pop Ups next year – one at Easter and one again in the summer, and continue to run them up until the main centre is up and running! We aren’t just saving this summer – but every summer!

As we have such great momentum and still have 3 weeks left of our campaign, we have also decided to raise our target for the crowdfunding by £15K – to £58,000 (so a total of £75K). This extra will pay for:

£6000 – Buying equipment for the Pop Up rather than renting it – so we have it for the future Pop Up’s.
£5000 – Staff costs to work on both the future Pop Ups and the main centre.
£4000 – Costs related to becoming a registered charity which, in the short term, will help get us further funding for the Pop Up’s and the main centre (so we don’t have to keep relying on your generosity!!)

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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